I have always been interested in a person, his size and how small he can be, and see how much power he has to change things in his life. How much is a person affected by environmental forces? How much does the so-called free will even work for a person? As a child, I already liked to observe the world and people's lives. I was fascinated by the past of different families, especially the lives of royal families, because their past was publicly recorded. What events have the obvious recurrence and what families are accompanied by tragedy and destruction, which families are blessed with abundance and success.

I was a sensitive child. Today, such children are called empaths. I felt the energies of people and places. I was able to talk to the souls of the people who left and felt their closeness. The fact that I felt different at the time motivated me to study and read about why I feel that way. .... until at one point I realized I had the power to understand and help others. 

So life took me to the point where my personal life and everything I believed in and relied on, collapsed. In that period, the constellation therapy came into my life with great synchronicity. I was amazed at how my personal life began to unfold in the constellation field. And the fact that I didn't lead out for the rest of my life as a single person, but how much I was overcome by the difficulties of my family system. I realized that someone from future generations must always pay for the choices of the past, and it is someone who has to start changing that. It's someone with subconscious readiness and motivation or just ... can't do otherwise.

Fascinated by the constellation method, I was motivated to make this method clear to myself, in detail. First, to change my life and second, to help others to do it. I swallowed the knowledge eagerly and tried everything I learned right on myself. Miraculous changes took place in my life and very quickly. I was and still am enthusiastic about this method. Today, I rely on the "laws of love" in my work, as Dr. Hellinger, the creator of the constellation method, has called them. In addition, based on this, I have developed my own method of supporting the client after the constellation work in order to consolidate the changes. It is important that the result fulfills its purpose and does not fall back into the old patterns.

I graduated the Institute of Counseling and Systemic Solutions and immediately started working as a constellation therapist. The longer I deal with it and work with people's issues, the more convinced I am of the wonderful changes that can take place in a person's life than finding a place of stress in one's family system where energy is trapped. Because everything that is today, has already happened and is a repetition! Wonderful that it can really change!

Stay safe.



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Külli Kaiva: a certified constellation therapist who has completed 3 years of study (384h) at the Institute of Counseling and Systemic Solutions and has acquired the specialty of a constellation therapist.

I am a member of the Estonian Association of Professional Constellators (Facilitators)