Without a doubt you wish to read about other people's experiences. What they have felt? What are their thoughts about working with Külli. Read some stories about working with Külli below...  *

Külli is a therapist standing with her two feet firmly on the ground. She does not waste time listening to stories, but is able to direct the conversation very quickly to the right path with her experience, where work begins with one’s self.

Sometimes she may seem a little harsh, but assuming that Külli does her job from the point of view that is best for the client, looking in the rearview mirror, I can see and also specifically feel that it was the best for my development. 

A session with Külli is a unique process in which issues that seemed so complicated become clear and implicit. For me, as a client, this has been a wonderful journey in my own world, where I have been given the tools to walk towards a better quality of life every day.



Dear Külli, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thanks to you, the invisible has become visible to me, and I really mean that. As a result of working with you, something very intense is opening / coming up - I feel like I am in the process of rebirth. I still do not understand how, during our three meetings, you have immediately started to show me the issues that limit me, with such precision. Some of the issues are especially confusing, because I have been working on this for a long time myself and really thought that everything has been resolved for a long time, but ... It turns out that something is still hidden so deep. I'm grateful from the bottom of my heart for the support I received during my group therapy session. Thanks to that, I was able to go through great fear and anxiety.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!



Together with Külli, it's a lot easier to stay strong and face your biggest fears and inexplicable situations that tend to happen again and again in life. Külli is honest and supportive - these are the two qualities you are looking for when you are looking for support to start unraveling your tangles and staying in a safe mental surrounding. 

My desire was to get rid of the limitations and thought patterns that still prevent me from living my life to its full potential. We found a number of disharmonies in the family line, all of which came to light with strong, repressed emotions. After these experiences and also supportive conversations with Külli, life has become brighter and easier. Increasing peace embraces the heart. Humor is another pleasant companion in conversations between us, which always makes our meetings more colorful. I am so, so grateful that it is impossible to put into words! Külli is an earthly angel who really helps to create more joy! 



I'm sincerely glad, that you came into my life, Külli. A new journey into the world of the constellation therapy has begun. I have been involved with this therapy before, but as it is said that you have to find the right person for yourself... and you are surely the right person. I especially like how straightforward you are, and blunt, which shakes, opens eyes and makes you think in another direction and see things from a new angle. You have become very dear to me, sweet Külli.